The ultimate SUP & Norway experience. An epic odyssey over 8 days and 3 areas of outstanding beauty. Everything that’s in the Sognefjord expedition plus: UNESCO fjords, Glacier lake and glaciers, Skylift cable car, Glacier lake side/Fjord side restaurants, mountain tour, optional mountain climb & Europe’s longest wire foot bridge and Indoor skydiving!

The ultimate SUP Norway experience!

You spoke and we listened. The result is the SUP Norway 3 Fjords expedition.

We will take just a lucky few to 3 areas of mind-blowing natural beauty over 8 days for an adventure of a lifetime!


  • 8 Days of new SUP Norway AWESOMENESS!!!
  • Paddle Geirangerfjord – ‘Seven sisters’ waterfall
  • Climb Mt Hoven ‘Via Ferrata’ + Traverse Europe’s longest wire bridge*
  •  * Alternative Mountain top tour (via ‘Skylift’ cable car)
  • Paddle Lovatnet Glacier lake
  • Road trip around Jotenheim national mountain park
  • Indoor skydiving with Vossvind
  • 2 days Paddling Aurlandsfjord and the majestic Nærøyfjord
  • Plus much. . . Much. . . More. . . . .


As those that have shared adventures with SUP Norway know. There is so much more to our expeditions than we can display on a web page.

This is our passion.

We love to surprise you with the unexpected and curious along the way. From local Norwegian delicacies to secret spots and spontaneous activities. We love challenging preconceptions/limiting beliefs and exceeding our guests expectations in providing outstanding life experiences.

Because our focus is on fun and being totally present in the awe inspiring grandeur and sheer majesty of Western Norway. We find that many of our guests report profound experiences during their time with us.

“I joined an expedition in 2018 and came back from the experience a changed person. It is remarkable what just 5 days out in the Norwegian Fjords can do with your mindset. As an athlete I was used to have my focus on the future, my next goal, whatever was next to accomplish.
In Norway I truly experienced for the first time what it was like to live in the moment. Out there, I could calm my mind and I found a connection to nature that I had never experienced before.”

Kim_ClijstersKim Clijsters, World Champion tennis player