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The ultimate SUP & Norway experience. An epic odyssey over 8 days and 3 areas of outstanding beauty. Everything that’s in the 5 day expedition plus: Seaplane flight, Cable car, Cliff top restaurant, Glacier lake and glaciers, 2 x UNESCO fjords, mountain tour, optional mountain climb & Europe’s longest wire bridge.

The ultimate SUP Norway experience!

You spoke and we listened. The result is the SUP Norway 3 Fjords expedition.

We will take just a lucky few to 3 areas of mind-blowing natural beauty over 8 days for an adventure of a lifetime!


  • 8 Days of new SUP Norway AWESOMENESS!!!
  • Paddle Geirangerfjord – ‘Seven sisters’ waterfall
  • Climb Mt Hoven ‘Via Ferrata’ + Traverse Europe’s longest wire bridge*
  •  * Alternative Mountain top tour (via ‘Skylift’ cable car)
  • 1000 meter high cliff top restaurant + ‘Skylift’ cable car return
  • Paddle Lovatnet Glacier lake
  • Road trip over Jotenheim national mountain park
  • Seaplane flight over Nærøyfjord and surrounding mountains
  • 2 days Paddling Aurlandsfjord and the majestic Nærøyfjord
  • Plus much. . . Much. . . More. . . . .


As those that have shared adventures with SUP Norway know. There is so much more to our expeditions than we can display on a web page.

This is our passion.

We love to surprise you with the unexpected and curious along the way. From local Norwegian delicacies to secret spots and spontaneous activities. We love challenging preconceptions/limiting beliefs and exceeding our guests expectations in providing outstanding life experiences.

Because our focus is on fun and being totally present in the awe inspiring grandeur and sheer majesty of Western Norway. We find that many of our guests report profound experiences during their time with us.

“I joined an expedition in 2018 and came back from the experience a changed person. It is remarkable what just 5 days out in the Norwegian Fjords can do with your mindset. As an athlete I was used to have my focus on the future, my next goal, whatever was next to accomplish.
In Norway I truly experienced for the first time what it was like to live in the moment. Out there, I could calm my mind and I found a connection to nature that I had never experienced before.”

Kim Clijsters, World Champion tennis player
SUP Norway - 7 sisters waterfalls


1. Geirangerfjorden

First is the Geirangerfjord
The deep blue UNESCO protected Geirangerfjord is surrounded by majestic, snow-covered mountain peaks, precarious cliff side farm houses and lush, green vegetation. Waterfalls such as the famous ‘seven sisters’, dwarf the world’s largest passenger ships. Basically it is AWESOME! Mere words and pictures just don’t do it justice, but luckily Stand up paddling it absolutely does.

2. Nordfjord & Loen

We will spend two days around Nordfjord. First we’ll climb the via ferrata* (optional) and cross Europe’s longest rope bridge for a stunning view across the fjords before eating at 1000 meters in the famous cliff-top restaurant. Finally, we ride the ‘Skylift’ cable car down again. If this is not your thing, you may alternatively ride up in the Skylift and take a mountain top tour before meeting the climbers in the restaurant.

*A Via Ferrata is a series of steel ladders, cables, and bridges that are bolted into mountain rocks that enable novice climbers to access the otherwise inaccessible.

Next day we will Stand up paddle the stunningly beautiful ‘lovatnet’ glacier lake. It’s peculiar and exquisite aquamarine waters are known for those classic mirrored images of the surrounding mountains, it also hosts some excellent fresh water fishing. Arriving at the end of Lovatnet we will take an easy hike to Kjenndal glacier, the source of Lovatnet. In the evening we have another restuarant meal of fresh trout, caught that morning from the glacier lake itself.

3. Aurlandsfjord & Nærøyfjord

First we travel to Aurlandsvangen to meet with our pilot who will take you above the mountains in the seaplane for a truly unforgettable sightseeing tour.
After your flight, we’ll paddle across Aurlandsfjord to the tiny but wonderful village of Undredal, where we can enjoy the famous local goat cheeses and meats in the fjord-side restaurant. The huge goat pizzas here are a firm favourite, followed by brown goat cheese and strawberry jam on waffles. Oh my!

Sognefjord is the longest & deepest navigable fjord in the world and one of it’s arms – UNESCO protected Nærøyfjord – is undoubtedly the most dramatic and majestic.
The next two days is an adventure in itself. We will paddle Aurlandsfjord and the length of Nærøyfjord, the jewel in the crown of all the fjords. We have already flown over it, so now let’s paddle it! At only 250 meters wide at it’s narrowest point, 1500 meter sheer high mountains surround us and the cliffs are striated with hundreds of waterfalls. We may find ourselves paddling in the company of ‘niser’ (the indigenous species of porpoise), giant sea-eagles can be seen soaring over head and be prepared for a cheeky seal every now and then. We will overnight at Odnes, a truly magical place and have what can only be described as a ‘waterfall adventure’.

The last half of Nærøyfjord is equally amazing paddling and as we land at Gudvangen we will prepare for the night’s expedition party in a very cool converted barn.

We are famous for springing surprises and who knows what might happen before we drop you back in Bergen!

SUP Norway-Loen via ferrata


What’s Included

What experience and fitness is required?2019-11-02T13:05:31+01:00

Stand Up paddling

Guests will need to have SUP experience in order to enjoy the week of paddling and to allow the group to travel at practical pace. The first day is a 20Km paddle with daypacks on the boards.

An average and healthy individual that engages in some form of regular exercise should have no problems. Please be realistic in assessing your fitness & ability.

The conditions are mostly calm and stable for the summer but we can occasionally run into some wind and a bit of chop, especially at the beginning and end of the season.

We ask that when you arrive for your expedition you:

  • Have a good solid paddle technique.
  • Are confident in your ability to paddle 15-20 Km (standing up).
  • Are able to effectively (Knee) paddle against a headwind.
  • Can swim 100 meters in open water.

Via Ferrata

The climb of Loen via ferrata on Mt hoven scales 1000 meters and takes 6 Hours. Although the climb is technically easy and safe. There are a couple of sections where you are on a vertical rock face with a view 600 meters down. Please be confident of your ability to handle dramatic heights.

We host an alternative wonderful guided mountain top hike with a cable car lift up & down if you would rather forego the climb.

If you are uncertain of your suitability for the expedition, please contact Titus for advice.

Please note: You will be asked to return a ‘Personal details form’ immediately after booking. Guests arriving with a physical or psycological condition or contraindicator that was not declared in their personal details form may be precluded from parcipitating in some or all of the expedition with no recourse for compensation. (Contraindicators can include; obesity, epilepsy, pregnancy, heart conditions etc. . .)

Age restrictions2019-11-02T13:16:56+01:00

You must be at least 18 to take part in SUP Norway’s expeditions.

We occasionally allow 16 year olds if they meet the following criteria:

  • Accompanied by legal guardian.
  • Experienced, powerful SUP paddler.
  • Must have good strength & endurance.
  • Must have mature outlook to be part of an adult group.
Travel insurance2020-05-05T08:48:49+02:00

A quick note on travel insurance:

Personal travel Insurance is absolutely essential when venturing abroad. When selecting a travel insurance policy at a very minimum you should be covered for medical expenses and emergency repatriation.

We strongly recommend that your policy covers personal liability, cancellation, curtailment and loss of luggage and personal effects. Please ensure you have your policy number and emergency telephone number for your insurance company with you. If this is unavailable please ensure you have the necessary information required by your insurance company in case of an emergency.

Special dietary requirements?2019-11-02T12:58:47+01:00

We have menu contingencies for Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Gluten free & Lactose free diets.

It is important to inform us on your returned ‘Personal Details Form’ of any special dietry requirements.

Please note that we have no control over the menus and food preparation practices of the restaurants & shops that we visit on both the Sognefjord and 3 Fjords expedition.

We will however supply you with extra special rations in case there are no suitable choices at these locations.

How do we pay?2019-11-21T10:57:34+01:00

Secure online payments with Visa & Mastercard.
For alternative payment method with Paypal please email.

If you do not have Visa or Mastercard, it takes just a few minutes to get a Paypal account.
You can then transfer funds from your bank to your account.

Staying in Bergen2018-11-22T21:37:29+01:00

If staying in Bergen, there are very reasonable deals to be found right in the center and loads to do:

AirBnB in Bergen

Hotels in Bergen

Information and things to do in Bergen

Staying in Ålesund2019-11-16T23:58:13+01:00

You may want to arrive in Ålesund a day or two before the pick up from the airport.
If so, here are some accommodation links and things to do:

AirBnB in Ålesund

Hotels in Ålesund

Information and things to do in Ålesund

Do I need to bring any cash or a card?2018-11-22T21:39:00+01:00

Yes. Alcohol & snacks are not included and if you have to leave the expedition in an emergency you may need to take a ferry or other public transport.

There will be shops available at some points in the expedition. Cards are accepted everywhere, including ferries & buses.

What equipment will I need to bring?2018-12-11T13:57:53+01:00

A comprehensive gear list will be sent to you when you book with us. You will just need to bring personal clothing/gear.
Due to it’s nature, SUP exploring requires minimalist, lightweight and efficient gear and this is the way we roll (paddle).

We do have limited extra items of personal gear if needed.

Norwegian saying: “There is no bad weather. Only bad clothing”

Royal Marine saying “Any idiot can be uncomfortable in the field.”

We will be comfortable :)

Do I need a wetsuit?2018-11-22T21:39:24+01:00

No. We don’t use or supply wetsuits. In reality, we paddle in board-shorts & t-shirts or long-sleeved tops depending on sun or cloud. If raining, we put on a shell top.  The water temperature is cool/cold. If you do fall in (Happens rarely), you are dry again in 5 mins and every paddler will have a towel and warm top to hand if needed.
Paddling in a wetsuit for over 2 hours will make you sweaty, smelly and actually colder than if you paddle dry.
On most expeditions, we stop and have a swim to cool down at some point. The picture on the right was taken in May.

Excess luggage2019-11-02T13:25:12+01:00

We will be travelling between locations in a 3 van convoy starting at Ålesund airport and ending at Bergen airport.

Excess luggage will accompany us in the vehicles. If you have more than one large and one small item of baggage per person or an extra large item, please let us know beforehand.

What are the conditions like on the fjords?2018-11-22T22:14:28+01:00

Most of the areas we paddle in are quite protected and beautiful. We try to avoid head-winds and wavy conditions where possible. If conditions deteriorate to a level outside the group’s comfort zone then we can wait it out, paddle down wind to another destination or also re-location via road or boat may also be possible.

We have not yet experienced a day when we could not paddle. If this ever happens, there is always lots to do at all the stops in this amazing environment.

  • SUP Norway Awesomeness!!!
  • All inclusive expedition
  • Airport pick up & drop off
  • All food & accommodation
  • 4x Restuarant meals / 2x BBQs
  • Redpaddleco Voyager+ 13’2″x30″ Inflatable SUPs
  • Carbon-fibre paddles and all safety gear
  • Norway’s top SUP Instructors/Guides
  • All camping/cooking gear
  • Group shared video & images of your expedition

  What’s Not Included

*Boots for the Via Ferrata climb can be hired on the day.



3 Fjords expedition: Nok 25000,- (£2,104 / €2,328 / US$2,641 )*

*Currency conversions are dynamic and update hourly


20% of the tour’s cost  Nok 5000,- £421 / €466 / US$528 ) is required at the time of booking to secure your place on the expedition with the balance to be paid no less than 60 days 30 days prior to the expedition start.


Secure payments with Visa & Mastercard.
For alternative payment method with Paypal please email.

Cancellation (New for 2020)

  • 2 weeks from order – Full refund
  • Prior to 14 days – Loss of deposit
  • Less than 14 days – No refund

Travel insurance

Information here. Please make sure your insurance includes a cancellation clause.

Terms & Conditions

SUP Norway - Chill

Travel Information

ARRIVAL: Ålesund Airport (AES)

On arrival day, you will be picked up by minibus from Ålesund airport (15:00-18:30).
Daily flights to Ålesund from Oslo & Bergen.

Book flights here:

Bergen (BGO) – Ålesund (AES)

Oslo (OSL) – Ålesund (AES)

Please ensure to book your flights in good time before the expedition.

We will be travelling in a van convoy through amazingly beautiful countryside skirting Jostedalsbreen National Park. Transits to each area will be no longer than 2-3.5 hrs.

Bergen Airport (BGO)

At the end of the expedition, you will be dropped off at Bergen airport at approx 14:00.

A shuttle service leaves for Bergen center every ten minutes with a jouney time of 23 minutes.


Your Expedition leaders:


Founder & Chief guide of SUP Norway. His love for the ocean is matched only by his desire to share this passion with everyone possible.

You will be in good hands with Titus. As an experienced expedition leader, long distance SUP paddler, ex-Royal Marine, Arctic survival expert and a true ‘waterman’ (Surfing/Kitesurfing/Freediving/Sailing). Titus provides incredible insight, has fantastic stories from his adventures and enjoys sharing a wide range of skills with his guests, including – as a certified instructor – the ‘Wim Hof Method’!

Titus was the first to SUP the world’s longest navigable fjord, took part in the world’s first international ‘under-ice’ freediving competition and loves to Ice-bathe in Oslofjord throughout the Norwegian winter. So, if you’re up for it, he will be more than happy to lead you through a snow-melt waterfall ice-bath :)


Ultra distance SUP marathon paddler and experienced outdoor leader. Courtney shares all the values we hold dear in SUP Norway of connection and respect for nature and self. Courney is an advance flatwater paddling instructor and has the experience and passion to share her considerable knowledge with you. She is amazingly inspirational, always full of energy and great fun to be around.

Assistant guides

On all of our expeditions there will also be wonderful guest instructors and guides from around the world, sharing their own unique skills and experience.

Check out the whole crew HERE.


Fly with us

Get high with us

Get real with us

“If happiness is the goal – and it should be – then adventure should be a top priority.”