TITUS KODZOMANFounder/Chief expedition leader
Titus has the experience and understanding to maximize your valuable time with us. His love for the ocean is highly contagious and guaranteed to give you the richest experience possible. Titus is a true ‘waterman’. Surfer, foilboarder, kitesurfer, freediver, lifeguard, yachtmaster, Former Royal Marine, SUP distance paddler and former ‘Wim Hof Method’ instructor. He loves to identify and challenge limiting beliefs in himself & others.
A native Norwegian. Vanja takes care of business. She is the mother and carer, the number puncher and the paper pusher, the SoMe queen and the designer. A true entrepreneur who is bold, vunerable and brave. In business – along with integrity – she believes the ‘WHY’ is more important than the ‘WHAT’. Vanja is happiest around a bonfire in beautiful Norwegian nature with friends.


KEV BRADYExpedition leader
Kev is an ASI Level 2 SUP Instructor and has a history of impressive solo adventures from canoe paddling the Mississippi source to sea, to being the first person to swim the River Severn source to Sea. Kev & Ylva (see below) have also paddled Scandinavia’s longest river (Klaralven-772Km) source to sea on a tandem SUP! Happily he is joining the SUP Norway team for his fifth summer in 2024. Kev is always great fun and his positive attitude is highly infectious.
SIIM RAHUExpedition leader
Siim (aka ‘king of calm’) is a highly experienced guide and is joining us for his forth year in 2024. Previously Siim has guided sled dog tours in the Tromsø mountains in winter, caring for 130+ sled dogs & puppies. Guided glacier tours in Alaska, glacier lake scuba diving tours in Iceland and scuba diving tours in Thailand & Australia. Siim is a truly inspirational and top bloke, we are very lucky to have him with us!
EAMONN BRIELExpedition leader
Eamonn is of the waters and the wilds of north west Ireland. In a wetsuit since a child, his ventures with water have brought him back to his Norse roots. From Powerboat to freediving, fishing guide to surf kayaking he’s been working with what he loves from the Canaries to the Arctic. Sharing that time with people and helping them discover their own skills and strengths in the water is what drives him…..and planting trees.