Awesome all-inclusive SUP adventure over 6 days in the UNESCO protected Nærøyfjord and Aurlandsfjord. Mountains, waterfalls, porpoise, sea eagles, seals, fjord side restaurant & breathtakingly beautiful camp sites. Traditional Norwegian food and lots of surprises.

SUP Norway

As those that have shared adventures with SUP Norway know. There is so much more to our expeditions than we can display on a web page.

This is our passion.

We love to surprise you with the unexpected and curious along the way. From local Norwegian delicacies to secret spots and spontaneous activities, we also love challenging preconceptions and exceeding our guests expectations in providing outstanding life experiences.

Our focus is on fun and being totally present with ourselves and nature. The grandeur and sheer majesty of the nature we are blessed with in Western Norway is truly awe inspiring and our guests often report profound experiences on the expeditions.

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These are minimalist, unsupported, ‘Leave no trace’ SUP expeditions. We only use the best quality gear and the locations vary from established campsites with electricity & showers to wild camping sites with waterfall baths for the hardy. All the locations we visit are exquisitely beautiful.


Sognefjord is the longest & deepest navigable fjord in the world and one of it’s arms – Nærøyfjord – is undoubtedly the most spectacular.
Imagine paddling beautiful Nærøyfjord, surrounded by shear mountains and snow-covered peaks that stand 1700 meters above sea level, with picturesque villages and literally hundreds of waterfalls along it’s length.
Whether spotting porpoise or sea-eagles, paddling up to a thundering waterfall, laughing around the camp-fire or just chilling in the most beautiful nature there is, people who join us here are invariably blown-away by the experience. Your drinking supply is from the many granite filtered pure waterfalls. It is the sweetest water you have ever tasted, guaranteed! No filter required. If you are after adventure and incredible nature, you can find it here with SUP Norway. This is definitely a bucket-list trip.

“The earth has music for those that listen.”

George Santayana


Good to Know

Long days

In the summer we can have up to 20 hours of light, it never really gets dark and our days are long and relaxed. Wake up with the waterfalls sounding like distant surf through your tent. Brave one for a cool wash, then breakfast with your friends to talk about the coming day’s paddle.

Relaxed pace

When all are ready, we break camp and launch our boards. Gliding under towering cliffs, you teach yourself to paddle silently so as to take in your surroundings totally. We pause often as opportunities present themselves to film, photograph or just take in the magnificence.

Varied camp-sites lend themselves to different activities and at the end of the day you will find yourself in good company laughing around the camp fire or taking some time alone for a moment of zen in some of the most wonderful surroundings mother nature has to offer.


Group numbers are kept small to provide an intimate feeling to the expedition and to minimise our environmental footprint. A low guest to guide ratio is maintained to maximise safety and ensure personal attention.

We are a very friendly, small company who love SUP and nature and want to share this amazing location and experience.


Three healthy meals a day are provided.

We use the best quality Norwegian produced tour food for breakfast and dinner. Lunches are freshly made by your guides each day and are usually traditional Norwegian fare. For the third day we have an evening meal at a restaurant right by the fjord and a cooked breakfast the next day.

We have menu options for Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Lactose free & Gluten free. (If pre-ordered)

What’s Included

  • Awesomeness
  • Redpaddleco ‘Voyager’ Inflatable SUPs
  • Carbon-fibre paddles and all safety gear
  • Norway’s top expedition leaders
  • BBQ & drinks on arrival day
  • Three meals a day
  • Tents and all camping/cooking gear
  • Group shared video & images of your expedition

What’s Not Included

  • Transportation between your home and Gudvangen.
  • Personal belongings and equipment. (Gear list provided)
  • Alcoholic beverages/Snacks.
  • Travel insurance. *Important please read*

“I joined an expedition in 2018 and came back from the experience a changed person. It is remarkable what just 5 days out in the Norwegian Fjords can do with your mindset. As an athlete I was used to have my focus on the future, my next goal, whatever was next to accomplish.
In Norway I truly experienced for the first time what it was like to live in the moment. Out there, I could calm my mind and I found a connection to nature that I had never experienced before.”

Kim Clijsters – World Champion tennis player

SUP Norway - Lovatnet


For the Sognefjord expedition (5/6 days). Guests will need to have SUP experience in order to enjoy the days of paddling and to allow the group to travel at practical pace. An average and healthy individual that engages in some form of regular exercise should have no problems.

Please be realistic in assessing your ability to complete a stand up paddling expedition in varying weather conditions covering  50-70Km over 5 days (Sognefjord Expedition).

The conditions are mostly calm and stable for the summer but we can occasionally run into some wind and a bit of chop, especially at the beginning and end of the season.

We ask that when you arrive for your expedition you:

  • Have a good solid paddle technique.
  • Are confident in your ability to paddle at least 10 Km (standing up).
  • Are able to effectively Knee-paddle (not sitting) against a headwind.
  • Can swim 100 meters in open water.

If you are uncertain of your suitability for the expedition, please contact Titus for advice.

Please note: You will be asked to return a ‘Personal details form’ immediately after booking. Guests arriving with a physical or psychological condition or contraindicator that was not declared in their personal details form may be precluded from participating in the expedition with no recourse for compensation. (Contraindicators can include; obesity, epilepsy, pregnancy, heart conditions etc. . .)

The Sognefjord expedition consists of 5 days & 5 nights over 6 days with 5 paddling days.

The 3 Fjords expedition consists of 8 days & 7 nights over 8 days.

Example: For the 2-7 July 2023 Sognefjord expedition. The arrival day & BBQ is the 2nd July, we start paddling 3rd July and the last day is 7th July.

Please see other FAQs regarding arrival day & last day details.

You must be at least 18 to take part in SUP Norway’s expeditions.

We occasionally allow 16 year olds if they meet the following criteria:

  • Accompanied by legal guardian.
  • Experienced, powerful SUP paddler.
  • Must have good strength & endurance.
  • Must have mature outlook to be part of an adult group.

A quick note on travel insurance:

Personal travel Insurance is absolutely essential when venturing abroad. When selecting a travel insurance policy at a very minimum you should be covered for medical expenses and emergency repatriation.

We strongly recommend that your policy covers personal liability, cancellation, curtailment and loss of luggage and personal effects. Please ensure you have your policy number and emergency telephone number for your insurance company with you. If this is unavailable please ensure you have the necessary information required by your insurance company in case of an emergency.

Top tip: It is a good idea to check the train/bus times between Bergen-Gudvangen before arranging your flights. Last departure from Bergen is usually between 17:00 -17:45. If your flight lands after 15:30 you should consider arriving the day before.

We will contact you the day before you arrive and invite you to advise us on Whatsapp, SMS or Facebook messenger of your E.T.A or any expected delays.

The bus stop ‘Vang camping’ is closest to our base camp at ‘Gudvangen camping’.
Gudvangen camping is just 100 meters away across the road. The other bus stop is in Gudvangen itself. If you get off here, it’s is a 500 meter walk back up the road to the base camp.

You will then find us here:

You may turn up when you like on arrival day but it’s nice to get here in the afternoon and spend the day resting after your journey and getting acquainted with the group.

There will be electricity, showers, refreshments and cool company. After you are settled in and the group is all here, we’ll have a briefing and issue you with all necessary gear and food for the expedition. There will be a little ceremony and then the BBQ starts at 18:00 if everyone is here, or 20:00 at the latest. We will start paddling the following morning.

Please arrange your travel to depart on the last day after 13:00. Guests with transport before this may have to leave the expedition one day early via ferry at their own expense.

We will usually arrive back at Gudvangen at approximately 12:30, in good time to unpack and catch your afternoon bus to Bergen or other transport.
If you wish to stay with us at Gudvangen camping for an extra night after the expedition, you are most welcome and may borrow your expedition tent or stay in our group ‘Lavvu’ (Teepee). The camping fee (Nok 250,- per tent) is not included for this night.

Please please please only ask for a special menu if you really do require one or have an actual genuine intolerance. You will not be able to change your menu on the expedition or take other guest’s food.

We have menu contingencies for Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Gluten free & Lactose free diets.

It is important to inform us on your returned ‘Personal Details Form’ of any special dietary requirements.

Please note that we have no control over the menus and food preparation practices of the restaurants & shops that we visit on both the Sognefjord and 3 Fjords expedition.

We will however supply you with extra special rations in case there are no suitable choices at these locations.

Secure online payments with Visa & Mastercard.
For alternative payment method with Paypal please email.

If you do not have Visa or Mastercard, it takes just a few minutes to get a Paypal account.
You can then transfer funds from your bank to your account.

If staying in Bergen, there are very reasonable deals to be found right in the center and loads to do:

AirBnB in Bergen

Hotels in Bergen

Information and things to do in Bergen

Bergen – Gudvangen

Please note: Booking online is only possible from 3 months before. No service is shown until then.

Travelling between ‘Bergen – Gudvangen’ is usually a train/bus journey.

BERGEN – (train) – VOSS – (bus) – GUDVANGEN

Train/bus: Bergen train station – Gudvangen

  • Please note that when travelling from Bergen, your journey will begin at the train station, input ‘Bergen stasjon’ & ‘ Vang camping‘ in the from/to field.
  • There are two stops in Gudvangen. ‘Gudvangen E16‘ & ‘Vang camping’. The latter is the closest to Gudvangen camping where we are based (100 meters)
  • Note:
    • If linking with the VY450 bus, simply purchase 1 ticket from ‘’
    • If linking to the 950 bus, you must pay for the bus part of the journey between Voss – Gudvangen separately. Get the ‘Skyss Billett’ app (Android – iOS) to pre book ticket (Zone A to E1) or pay with cash on the day.

There is also another company that offers one bus a day between Gudvangen-Bergen here:

Train information and booking in Norway:
Please also see addition information in the FAQs

If travelling from Flåm to Gudvangen please avoid the ferry unless you want to spoil the surprise of discovery. There is a shuttle bus.

Yes. Alcohol & snacks are not included and if you have to leave the expedition in an emergency you may need to take a ferry or other public transport.

There will be shops available at some points in the expedition. Cards are accepted everywhere, including ferries & buses.

A comprehensive gear list will be sent to you when you book with us. The expedition is all inclusive, you will just need to bring personal clothing/gear.
Due to it’s nature, SUP exploring requires minimalist, lightweight and efficient gear and this is the way we roll (paddle).

We do have limited extra items of personal gear if needed.

Norwegian saying: “There is no bad weather. Only bad clothing”

Royal Marine saying “Any idiot can be uncomfortable in the field.”

We will be comfortable 😄

No. We don’t use or supply wetsuits. In reality, we paddle in board-shorts & t-shirts or long-sleeved tops depending on sun or cloud. If raining, we put on a shell top.  The water temperature is cool/cold. If you do fall in (Happens rarely), you are dry again in 5 mins and every paddler will have a towel and warm top to hand if needed.
Paddling in a wetsuit for over 2 hours will make you sweaty, smelly and actually colder than if you paddle dry.
On most expeditions, we stop and have a swim to cool down at some point. The picture on the right was taken in May.

Excess luggage can be left at the base camp in our HQ cabin or in a locked expedition vehicle at the launch point (at own risk). It is a low population/low crime area and most guests do this.

Most days are between 4-6 hours paddling 9-15 Km (More if you want to and Max 8 hours/20 Km). The focus of the trip is to experience this magnificent area at a relaxed and enjoyable pace whilst being present, we do not focus on endurance/distance paddling.

We have almost 20 hours of daylight so we are in no hurry and the pace is steady and relaxed. The Itinerary is flexible according to weather, group interest and opportunities that may arise. Porpoises, photography & filming, waterfall swims etc

For the arrival night we will be staying at Gudvangen camping nestled between 1500 meter towering cliffs with a view of the majestic Kjelfoss. You will be in your issued expedition tents. It is also possible to rent a small hytte (hut) yourself (if available). Booking of hytter.
For the other nights we will be wild camping or at established camp-sites. Toilet facilities vary from flushing and hot showers, traditional compost and a waterfall wash for the hardy and at one site on the expedition, a walk into the woods with a spade and a fjord swim.

These are the views that surround us on arrival day at ‘Gudvangen camping’. we shall BBQ, get to know each other and prepare for our adventure.