Found amongst the Sunnmøre alps, Hjørundfjorden is a true hidden gem largely untouched by the tourist industry.

We are hosting three ‘pilot’ expeditions in July 2024. Although we have already arranged different awesome locations, routes & activities, part of the expedition will be to explore new areas, searching for new camp sites, secret spots and general awesome things to do.

As a pilot expedition, the criteria for experience and fitness is higher and guests will not be so much looked after as in our normal expeditions but will be expected to contribute as active expedition members. Our goal as always though will be to have an awesome time.

Our aim is to have a new expedition all polished & ready to go for all of our guests in 2025.

Watch this space!



Expedition criteria:

Please only book this expedition if you fulfil all the following criteria:

  • Capable SUP paddler
  • Capable hiker (6 hours to over 1100 MASL)
  • Positive ‘Can do’ attitude

Storfjord Expedition:

  • Awesome 5/6 day adventure with cool people
  • Paddle the majestic Geirangerfjord!
  • SUP & hike amongst the Sunnmøre Alps
  • Make new discoveries with our team
  • Mountain top hike 5-6 hour 1073 MASL
  • Stunning camp spots & locations
  • Floating saunas & mountainside hot-tubs
  • Great Norwegian food including deer burgers. BBQ, Restaurants & tour meals
  • Remote farm house with waterfall hike
  • . . .  Much more awesome stuff to be confirmed



20% of the tour’s cost is required at the time of booking to secure your place on the expedition with the balance to be paid no less than 60 days prior to the expedition start.


  • Up to 14 days from order – Full refund
  • Prior to 60 days – Loss of deposit
  • 59-30 days- 50% of trip cost
  • Less than 30 days – No refund


Secure international payments with Visa & Mastercard via NETS.
For alternative payment method with Paypal please email.

Travel insurance

Information here. Please make sure your insurance includes a cancellation clause.

Terms & Conditions

“The gladdest moment in human life is a departure into unknown lands.”

 Sir Richard Burton


3-8 July

*** SOLD OUT ***
Expedition members complete payment here

10-15 July

*** SOLD OUT ***
Expedition members complete payment here

17-22 July

*** SOLD OUT ***
Expedition members complete payment here


ARRIVAL: Getting to Hellesylt

The expedition starts at Hellesylt, 65Km SE of Ålesund Vigra airport (AES)

Please ensure to plan your journey to be at Hellesylt before 18:00 on arrival day. We recommend to arrive in Ålesund the day before your expedition giving you a safety margin in case of travel delays etc.

There is a shuttle service between the airport and Ålesund center with a journey time of 20 minutes (https://www.vybuss.no/).

A 2.5 hour bus journey from ‘Ålesund rutebilstasjon‘ (bus station) to ‘Hellesylt (Stranda)‘ leaves 3 times a day (*250 or 110 bus*). Plan and book this here: (https://frammr.no)

You can either pay at the bus on the day (extra 20kr) or book using the ‘FRAM’ app (193Kr) here: Apple App store / Google play.

Getting to Ålesund

Daily flights to Ålesund from Oslo & Bergen.

Book flights here with Widerøe:

Bergen (BGO) – Ålesund (AES)

Oslo (OSL) – Ålesund (AES)

Direct flights to Ålesund from Amsterdam with KLM

Other internal flights with SAS

Please ensure to book your flights in good time before the expedition.


We will end the expedition in Urke on Monday in time for guests to catch the ferry to Ålesund at 12:45 (arriving 14:30).

For those wishing to join us for an optional mountain hike, there is a later ferry at 17:30 (arriving Ålesund 19:15).

Ferry Urke to Ålesund (Fastest):

  • 12:45 – 14:30
  • 17:30 – 19:15

Options for those with flights departing on Tuesday below:

  • Overnight in Ålesund, flying the next day.
  • Book a cabin at Urke camping and travel next day (Book early).
  • Sagafjord hotel (4*) on Hjørundfjord (Sæbø), travel next day.
  • Hotel Union Øye (4* & pricey), travel next day.

Alternate route to Ålesund (takes longer but gets you there earlier in the day):
Ferry from Leknes (2.5Km from Urke) to Sæbø then bus from Sæbø to Ålesund


Stand Up paddling

Guests will need to have SUP experience in order to enjoy the week of paddling and to allow the group to travel at practical pace. The first day is a 20Km paddle with daypacks on the boards.

An average and healthy individual that engages in some form of regular exercise should have no problems. Please be realistic in assessing your fitness & ability.

The conditions are mostly calm and stable for the summer but we can occasionally run into some wind and a bit of chop, especially at the beginning and end of the season.

We ask that when you arrive for your expedition you:

  • Have a good solid paddle technique.
  • Are confident in your ability to paddle 15-20 Km (standing up).
  • Can control an SUP effectively in varying weather conditions and perform self-rescue.*
  • Are able to effectively Knee-paddle (not sitting) against a headwind.
  • Can swim 100 meters in open water.

* This means being able to handle choppy conditions, right a capsized SUP, get back onboard, retrieve your paddle and continue paddling without assistance.


We intend to incorporate at least one hike on the Hjørundfjord expedition. One campsite is at 500 MASL and a longer/higher hike may be included. We may have alternative activities for those wishing to avoid the longer hike.

If you are uncertain of your suitability for the expedition, please contact Titus for advice.

Please note: You will be asked to return a ‘Personal details form’ immediately after booking. Guests arriving with a physical or psychological condition or contraindicator that was not declared in their personal details form may be precluded from participating in some or all of the expedition with no recourse for compensation. (Contraindicators can include; obesity, epilepsy, pregnancy, heart conditions, psychosis etc. . .)

A comprehensive gear list will be sent to you when you book with us. The expedition is all inclusive, you will just need to bring personal clothing/gear.
Due to it’s nature, SUP exploring requires minimalist, lightweight and efficient gear and this is the way we roll (paddle).

We do have limited extra items of personal gear if needed.

Norwegian saying: “There is no bad weather. Only bad clothing”

Royal Marine saying “Any idiot can be uncomfortable in the field.”

We will be comfortable 😄

The Sognefjord & Storfjord expedition consists of 5 days & 5 nights over 6 days with 5 paddling days.

The 3 Fjords expedition consists of 8 days & 7 nights over 8 days.

Example: For the 3-8 July 2023 Sognefjord expedition. The arrival day & BBQ is the 3rd July, we start paddling 4th July and the last day is 8th July.

Please see other FAQs regarding arrival day & last day details.

You must be at least 18 to take part in SUP Norway’s expeditions.

We occasionally allow 16-17 year olds if they meet the following criteria:

  • Accompanied by legal guardian.
  • Experienced, powerful SUP paddler.
  • Must have good strength & endurance.
  • Must have mature outlook to be part of an adult group.

A quick note on travel insurance:

Personal travel Insurance is absolutely essential when venturing abroad. When selecting a travel insurance policy at a very minimum you should be covered for medical expenses and emergency repatriation.

We strongly recommend that your policy covers personal liability, cancellation, curtailment and loss of luggage and personal effects. Please ensure you have your policy number and emergency telephone number for your insurance company with you. If this is unavailable please ensure you have the necessary information required by your insurance company in case of an emergency.

Do not worry about how to pack. Just stick to the gear list you will be fine. We give full instruction and help with packing when you are here.

See image below:

  • All gear used on land is in the 75ltrs drybag and is never opened on the water.
  • The 30ltrs waterproof rucksack is for things you need to access whilst on the water.
  • The tent is in it’s own waterproof bag.

If any guest brings an unsuitable 30ltrs bag, we have a few to lend.

Excess gear, valuables and passports can be safely left in expedition vehicle or at Urke basecamp.
SUP Norway - Packing

Please please please only ask for a special menu if you really do require one or have an actual genuine intolerance. You will not be able to change your menu on the expedition or take other guest’s food.

We have menu contingencies for Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Gluten free & Lactose free diets.

It is important to inform us on your returned ‘Personal Details Form’ of any special dietary requirements.

Please note that we have no control over the menus and food preparation practices of the restaurants & shops that we visit on both the expeditions.

We will however supply you with extra special rations in case there are no suitable choices at these locations.

Short answer, yes. 😁

Many guests bring alcohol. With wine in bags/boxes being a favourite method. It’s pleasant to share a glass around the campfire after a great day paddling on the fjord.

On day four of the Storfjord expedition, we have a restaurant meal. Wine, spirits & local beers are available at the restaurant here.

Please note that in Norway wine & spirits are only available from special shops called ‘Vinmonopolet’. Beer can be bought in normal shops but no alcohol is sold on Sundays unless you are eating in a restaurant.

It’s a good idea to buy any wine or spirits at the airport or in Ålesund center before arriving at Hellesylt.

(Please note: We strongly urge guests to be moderate with alcohol consumption on the expedition. It is no fun for anyone if a guest is hungover and can also be a safety concern. Guests are not permitted on/in the water if under the influence of alcohol.)

You may want to arrive in Ålesund a day or two before travelling to Hellesylt.
If so, here are some accommodation links and things to do:

Yes. Alcohol & snacks are not included and if you have to leave the expedition in an emergency you may need to take a ferry or other public transport.

There will be shops available at some points in the expedition. Cards are accepted everywhere, including ferries & buses although a little cash is recommended as some lesser known foreign cards may have problems or in case of misplaced cards etc.

Excess luggage can be left in our expedition vehicle for arrival day & day 1.

Thereafter it can be kept either in the expedition vehicle or at Urke camping in a secure room.


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